PaidMeals, the pay-it-forward App.

PaidMeals allows people to buy food for people in-need through participating PaidMeals Food vendors.

Attention Food vendors (Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Food Trucks, Food Carts, Private Chefs), be part of the solution towards combating hunger in the US and around the world.

Become a PaidMeals Food vendor partner


Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Our partners had minimum 25% more monthly increase of revenue with PaidMeals

Increase customer

Increase customer loyalty

Customers choose restaurants who are partners of Paidmeals over other restaurants due to their humanitarian nature

Eliminate Food waste

Eliminate Food waste

Food vendors are allowed to pay-it-forward from their own food menu.

Tax write-off

Tax write-off

The meals food vendors give to people in need are tax write offs.

How does Paidmeals Help people in-need?

First, Food vendors create their Profile with their food menu.

Second, the general public buys meals for people in-need from Food vendor’s menu through their paidmeals profile.

Third, People in-need picks up the Paid meal(s) from the food vendor.

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Helping your business grow while giving back to your community

Over 40 million people in the United States are food insecure, meaning they do not know where they will find their next meal. With you as our Food Vendor partner, we are able to facilitate people who are willing to buy the meals with the people who needs the food.

What is PaidMeals?

PaidMeals is the Pay-it-Forward App. It allows people to buy food for people-in-need through participating food vendors.

Have you ever come across/pass by someone who was hungry and wanted to help but didn’t know how or didn’t have the time? PaidMeals App is the solution! It makes buying a meal for someone in need easy.

PaidMeals 2.O is coming soon!

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